Top 5 Word Processing Apps for Android and iOS

Koushal S. July 27, 2017

Microsoft Word, Pages, Libre Office Writer are few of the famous word processing apps and without any doubt, almost everyone is familiar with this kind of software. People might not have listened about this term “Word Processors” or “Word Processing Programs” but they know what purpose these softwares are being used in market. The main and core responsibility of such programs is to let you develop your required documents in the much more professional way with much more ease and comfort.

About the Technologies

When the computer was invented it was as big as to take the space of the entire room. With the passage of time, it was shifted to the desks or tables in the form of Desktop and then to the laps of users in the form of Laptop. The World is moving at a very fast speed and man has to run along with it or else he’ll lap behind. Now from the laptop, you can access each and everything in your hand with the help of Mobile phone.

Apple was the 1st company to launch a Smart phone which was not only developed for calls and messaging but also for computer purposes. A few years later, Google introduced its free source Operating system known as Android. Keeping in view this technology boom, companies have launched their models of Word Processors specifically designed and destined to work in a Smart phone environment. A new term is introduced for such Softwares which are designed to work in a Smartphone which is “Application” or “App”. So, this article is about mentioning top word processing apps for Android and MAC and are free to use. So let’s have some information about it.

Word Processing Apps for Android

1. iA-Writer

iA writer android

The 1st application in our list is iA-Writer. It fulfills all the basic requirements of a word processor. The best part about this application is that it’s a distraction free application and won’t allow many ads to pop up while you work. Furthermore, it works great with Bluetooth, after writing the your document you will need to further proofread it by using a grammar checker that you can use online.

2. Office HD: TextMaker HD

Office HD TextMaker HD

If you’re looking for a rich desktop or laptop experience at the palm of your hands, then probably TextMaker HD would be your obvious choice. It’s a great application for your android phone. It comes with all features which you enjoy on the laptop.

3. Google Docs

Google Docs

Basically, Google docs is an online word processor but when it comes to android application, you must be happy to know that you can enjoy it as an application on your android smart phone. It auto-saves your work while you are writing, however you need to further improve your document by using Grammarly or a free one such as punctuation check which is completely free.

Besides, Zoho Writer, Microsoft Word, and Quip: Docs, Chats, Spreadsheet are few honorable mentions.

Word Processing Apps for iOS

4. iA-Writer

iA writer

Again we’re going to mention this application because it is one of those applications which are not only free but also available on both platforms i.e. Google play store and i-tunes. It could be one of the obvious choices for the users and the best part is that the user will not face difficulty in the case of a shift from android to i-tunes or wise versa.

5. Apache OpenOffice Writer

Next free application for your mac operating system is office writer from another Apache. This is a very powerful word processing application. It allows you to export file in any format. You can also import and work on any document which has been developed in any other application or software.

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