Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Superior Content Visibility

Sophia P. August 14, 2015

Someone has said rightly “Great content, more visitors”. Well, in line with this saying, it has become quite essential for the website owners to pay attention to tools and techniques that can be useful in showcasing the website content in the best possible manner. Whether you’re a WordPress webmaster or a blogger, attracting visitors for your website/blog is possible with the right display of the content. Today, I’ll be looking into five of the fine quality WordPress plugins which makes it possible for you to display website content in a manner that it received maximum viewers from all over the world.

Top WordPress Plugins for Superior Content Visibility

1. WordPress Popular Posts

WordPress Popular Posts

As a completely customizable WordPress plugin, WordPress Popular Posts allows you to create a detailed listing of all the popular posts on your WordPress website/blog. This plugin will store certain statistics which can further be used by the webmaster during important decision making processes for his/her WordPress website. Some of the most talked about features of WordPress Popular Posts plugin include: multi-widget capable, custom post type support, WPML support, WordPress multisite support, shortcode support, WP-PostRatings support and many more.

2. Stylish Popular Posts

Stylish Popular Posts

Specially dedicated to your WordPress website’s commenting system, Stylish Popular Posts plugin will create a widget which would further display all your popular posts on the basis of number of comments. Plus, you have the additional flexibility of choosing the count of posts that should be listed out in the widget. Compatible with all WordPress versions up to 4.2.2, Stylish Popular Posts plugin can be easily translated to a preferred language using the file available within the /languages/ folder.

3. Popular Posts by Webline

Popular Posts by Webline

Yet another highly recognized WordPress plugin, Popular Posts by Webline allows you to use a specific widget for creating a list of all your popular posts. There is an added flexibility of customizing this list in accordance to the filters which have already been applied to the widget. These filters can be any one of the following:

  • Date
  • Comments
  • Category

Popular Posts by Webline plugin is compatible with all WordPress versions up to 4.1.5.

4. Easy Popular Posts

Easy Popular Posts

Easy Popular Posts is yet another remarkable WordPress plugin which allows you to add a list of pots within the sidebar or footer of a WordPress website. With this plugin, you can conveniently add a collection of popular posts to any of your favorite theme elements. Currently available in three languages viz: English, German and French; Easy Popular Posts plugin is quite easy to use and serves as a quick way of adding trending or most popular posts in a WordPress theme. You can simply add a shortcode [thisismyurl_easy_popular_posts] to the WordPress post or page that you want to get listed as a popular post/page.

5. Popular Widget

Popular Widget

Yet another incredibly effective WordPress plugin for listing the most popular posts on your WP blog is Popular Widget. With the installation of this plugin into your blog/site, you’ll have a widget that lets you list the popular posts, after being filtered in accordance to posts that have received maximum number of reader comments. Additionally, you can also grab an opportunity of creating a tabbed widget which can be used for incorporating more number of lists with multiple variations.

6. Sharebar


The more people will share your posts, the more followers you’ll get which increase your chances of expanding your content visibility to even more users. To achieve this objective, you’ll need to add a share button on your website. This is where the Sharebar plugin comes in handy. It helps add a vertical sharing bar to the blog posts to the left, encouraging viewers’ to share your posts on social media sites such as Google Buzz, Digg, Twitter, etc.

The plugin even helps in adding custom buttons, and allows readers to share content via email as well. What’s more, the sharebar moves as visitor scrolls down a post.

7. Efficient Related Posts

Efficient Related Posts

When readers like some blog post, chances are that they’ll most likely be interested in viewing similar posts or would like to read content related to the same topic they’ve just finished reading. And so, by providing your users with more content on the same topic can convince them to stay longer on your blog. In fact, it will encourage them to share your content. This can be achieved by the Efficient Related Post that as the name implies help displays a list of related posts just underneath your WordPress posts.

8. Disqus Popular Post

Disqus Popular Post

It’s pretty obvious that the posts with maximum comments (not to mention positive comments) are the ones most liked by your audience. So, making those posts visible in the sidebar section of your website can help you in getting more likes and shares for your content. This will eventually increase the popularity of your content. This is exactly what the Disqus plugin helps in achieving.

The plugin helps in listing the most popular posts – that have received maximum comments from readers – in the widget area of the WordPress site.

9. Top Shared Posts on Facebook

Top Shared Posts on Facebook

If you depend on social media sites such as Facebook to increase your online presence, then this plugin can help establish a strong connection between your WordPress blog/site and the Facebook social network. As the name implies, this plugin helps in picking up the most shared posts from the Facebook platform, and list them in the sidebar section of your site. The plugin also lists the number of shares that a particular post has received on Facebook.

10. LinkedIn Share Button

LinkedIn Share Button

If you’re running a site or a blog that targets professional readers, then it makes sense to allow your readers to share your posts on professional social-networking website LinkedIn. For this, you can use the LinkedIn Share Button plugin, as it helps in adding a LinkedIn Share button on all of your posts and pages.

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