Reasons Why Your Mobile Phone is as Virus-Prone as Your PC

Koushal S. February 12, 2016

There are thousands of security apps for mobile phones currently present, however to find one app to do all the tasks is a tough job. Everyone uses a smart phone these days and usually when you download an app with multiple features, it actually eats the resources of your phone. Hence, an app should be intelligent enough to do the entire job without preying on the phones resources. In fact it should be smart and well equipped to fight the phone malware. Apart from being well equipped, a security app should also have features like anti-theft and anti-protection as these are the biggest fear that android phone users face.


To ensure that an app does all the tasks perfectly, there is one company that has done a commendable job in manufacturing an app that fulfils all the demands of the customer. Bitdefender Antivirus is that company that has made some twists in their security app to give it a complete new look. Further down, let’s discuss the new features that Bitdefender Mobile Security provides its Android users.

Believe in being simple

Nobody likes to use apps that are hard to understand and complicated and confusing user interface. Hence, Bitdefender has managed to manufacture an antivirus app that is simple and very user friendly, since they always believe in simplicity. The recently introduced version of Bitdefender Mobile Security ensures a smooth experience. All the features provided in the app are easily accessible, all the steps are clear and there is a detailed explanation of every feature which makes the whole experience pleasant and pleasurable.

Safety & Security comes first

Usually most of the security app manufacturing companies forget crucial points like anti-theft web portal URL or SMS commands. Bitdefender has done a great job in pulling this off correctly. Their anti-theft feature is quite impressive. Normally all the anti-theft security apps specialise in providing phone location remotely, lock the device and send SMS to the phone. The all new Bitdefender security app apart from doing all this also takes a snap of the person who tries to fiddle with the device in your absence.

Additional Features

Seamless Synchronisation with Smart watch – Bitdefender Mobile Security app comes as a treat for customers who like to wear smart watch with their mobile phones. This security app syncs with your smart watch smoothly. This feature would give you a shout the moment you step away too far from your phone.

App Lock Feature–Now you don’t have to worry while surfing the internet on your phone. You can lock all your sensitive apps using a PIN Code with the App Lock feature and if you are connected to a trusted Wi-Fi connection, it would automatically disable the PIN code making it easier for you to use.

On-Demand and On-Install Scan – You can now use the on-demand scan feature to scan your phone anytime to ensure all the applications installed in your phone is safe and secure. Even post the installation or updating of any app, it would automatically run a security scan to ensure legitimacy and safety.

Internet Security with full speed and no battery life impact – Enjoy trouble free web surfing experience with the Bitdefender Mobile Security app. Thanks to the threat detection security services, it would send alerts if found any phishing or fraudulent content browsed on your mobile phone. It also prevents installation of any malware on your mobile phone without affecting any battery life.

So, install the new advanced security app on your android phones and give your mobile phones a complete protection from virus threats.

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