10 Steps to Hiring the Perfect Mobile App Developer

Koushal S. April 6, 2014

Having a mobile app is necessary in taking your business to a better pedestal and reaching more customers. It will take you places if it is good and interactive. However, if the design and the interface aren’t up to the mark, your app might take you down and incur financial losses. This is why it is highly important for you to invest time and effort in finding someone who will make the best of your app idea and help in evolving it. We come across hundreds of app developers but selecting anyone randomly can prove lethal for the app idea. Below mentioned are 10 steps which will ensure that you hire the perfect mobile app developer for your venture.

Hire Mobile App Developer

1. Keep Multiple Developers in Mind

The biggest mistake people do in hiring a developer is to go with the first one they find. A developer is going to be with you and your app till it is ready and his inputs are going to be important in bringing your app idea to life. This is why you must look for someone who knows the niche of your app and has worked on something similar before. This way your app idea will come to life in a more evolved manner.

2. Cheap Options aren’t Always the Best

In the process, you will find a few app developers who will be ready to do the job for you in great prices which might save you a lot of money. Though this might seem tempting, especially when you’re on a tight budget, this could be the worst decision as you’ll have to reinvest in the app and develop it again if it doesn’t come out well.

3. Background Checks Are Necessary

Once you have shortlisted a few developers who have shown an interest in your app, the next step is to do a good background check of what their work has been in the past and how successful they are at their work.

4. Consider the Website

The website of the developers is an important criterion to assess their work. If it is according to your taste, then you have something to look forward to. However if the website itself doesn’t create an impact then the person’s work won’t connect with you.

5. Portfolio Assessment

After you have done a thorough background check, you’ll be able to come down to 2 or 3 app developers which seem appropriate for your app idea. The next step is to assess their portfolios and look at how interactive their work has been.

6. Client Feedback

Ask the developers for their previous clients’ details and contact them for a feedback. Always remember – a good developer won’t hesitate in giving his/her clients’ contacts. Look for examples which are similar to your app idea.

7. Ask the Right Questions

This step is important for you to know if the developer is at the same page as you are. The questions could range from- What are your special features that you put in an app? , How long will it take for the app to develop? , Will my app make money? Etc.

8.Think Long Term

Thinking in a long term manner is another important step while selecting a developer. You cannot choose developers on the basis of what they do best. An app has a number of steps to it and the developer must stick with it till it’s released in the market. Commitment to building and testing the app and improving it is necessary.

9. Go For the Complete Package

Choosing an app developing company is a better option as they will take care of the entire app building procedure. If you choose to go with an independent developer, make sure you already have in place a team which will complete the rest of the steps which are a part of building your app.

10. Sign the Right Contracts

Once you have finalized the developer, the last step before you start the work is to sign the contracts which deal with the fee and other aspects. One important contract will be of ‘work made for hire’ which will make sure that you own the app. Once these steps are completed effectively, you will have a good developer on board.

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