How Magento Helps You in Building an eCommerce Site – (Features)

Mike Swan November 14, 2013

As eCommerce companies continue to flourish, there is a growing urgency to rule out mediocrity. The business owners don’t want to be counted amongst the mainstreamers and this is where a pursue starts for a platforms that shall mark them out on the Internet with great designs and peerless functionality.

Magento - eCommerce Development

Magento is exactly for such expectations –

Flexibility for Payment Modes

For any store, the flexibility to accept payment in various modes proves to be of great assistance. Magento is equipped with an array of payment gateways that makes payment easy for customers. There is also a provision for accepting payments made through platforms like PayPal, Amazon, etc. This enables the stores to accept payments from customers all across the globe, thus pay way for expansion.

Set Rates with a Systematic Approach

If you are selling a product to an overseas customer, you need to optimize the procedures involved with the shipping of products. This brings you to the second aspect, i.e. setting the shipping rates. If you are using Magento, there are concreted ways to establish rates. The Table Rates can be applied when you group products to be shipped. Prices are set by measuring different parameters against each other like their weight of the product, its price and the place it is being delivered to. If, however, you find the Table Rates approach too convoluted, you can go with a simpler method, which is called Flat Rates. By this process, you simply set a price per item or per order. You can also use Magento for promotional offers and for email marketing, which takes us to the second point.

Better Advertising

The eCommerce companies that leverage Magento for their operations enjoy the benefit of gauging their customer’s expectations and feedback. At the end of the day, it is the customer feedback that will take the direction you business will take. If your offerings are reviewed badly, you would want to know the reasons. At the same time, you would also like to keep yourself updated with what’s the best part of your service according to the customers, and which product is being received with greatest satisfaction. This perceptive analysis holds your ecommerce business in good stead for long term. Such insights also help you place your products with greater surety in the market, and focus on features that you deem most popular. The product level insight empowers you to make way for mouth-to-mouth marketing.


Transparency has always been a huge boon with any platform that is open source. Magento is no different. The working of software is visible to a greater band of folks. And when it comes to the companies dealing in eCommerce, transparency is a part and parcel of their operations. When they have hosting plans for all to see, they can be tailored according to the current needs or the needs that may arise somewhere in future. New features can be added in the service as per the convenience. This feature also emerges from the fact that Magento is customizable.


Magento goes beyond the standard templates. It instead allows alteration with the help of several customization features in regards to the overall design and the way it functions. It makes available to you a complete line of in-built extensions that give you a free rein to modify features to suit your requirements and goals. You can create mobile apps that can extend your reach to users who often use their mobile devices to shop. Similarly, social media integration can be performed, the benefits of which are well and truly known. The way you present your eCommerce store on the Internet is what sets up your identity. You have to add that exclusivity to your design that sets you apart and doesn’t let users find a way around your portal. The suite of Magento templates makes sure you create a place for yourself under the sun.

Apart from its various benefits, Magento also pulls you over the rough spots that might be there when it comes to online selling. Addressing challenges and requirements from the molecular level, Magento, with its sweeping range of features, is the perfect choice for your business.

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