Collection of Top 10 Unconventional Business Card Designs

Steven Bowen February 11, 2014

No matter, in which type of business you are. Setting up business card plays a significant role, especially when your business communicates with your potential customers. It is as much important as your business. If you never overlook on choosing your business card, then it’s a time to choose the best one that clearly relate with your business as well as your profession. There is a crazy amount of competition in the entire world and everyone is now endeavoring to beat their competitors.

Business cards can help your business to grow up and stand apart from the competition. Now, everyone is trying to use the innovative ways to attract and retain the attention of their prospective customers. Your card can appeal more clients, if you have your attractive business card, which clearly defines your profession or category. Through this blog, we are going to throw light on 10 most innovative business card designs for your inspiration. Check out every card from this collection and we hope that it sparks an idea for your successful business.

1. SUB City Art

SUB City Art

The business card design of “Sub City Art” is very cool and unique with the dark background color. It is a web design,
illustration and print design company and their professionalism is clearly reflected in their business card as well. It looks like a leather kind of texture with creative text.

2. Corporate Business Card

Corporate Business Card

A completely professional look having business card, which is elegantly designed and highly recommended for the corporate companies. Simplicity yet attractiveness, both are involved in this “Corporate Business Card”. All the relevant information, which is required for the customers’ point of views are mentioned over the card for customers convenience and further contact.

3. Nation Builder

Nation Builder

Wow! Check out the business card of Nation Builder. It is a construction company and its card is also related with their services. Highly appealing Nation Builder has come up with innovative pop up card, which comprises a rising tall pillar.

4. Dreamten Studios

Dreamten Studios

It has a rounded edges business card, which is made up with frosted translucent plastic. The creative logo of Dreamten Studios is used at the top with reflective lettering. As per my opinion, this is outstanding, which I have never seen.

5. Elemental Architecture

Elemental Architecture

The business card of Elemental Architecture has a tactile quality. A very impressive design of letterpress is perfect at this card. It seems like that the interaction of materials attract touch and represent on a small scale with incredible creativity. The uses of professional colors make this design stunning. And, it is advisable to follow by those, who prefer “letterpress” print method.   

6. Sara El Emary

Sara El Emary

The business card of Sara El Emary completely explains that it is a card of any Fashion designer store. Good approach that throws a light on their profession and attracts the customers.

7. Struck


A very simple business card design with dark pink color influence to get struck. Only the name “Struck” is used at the front of card. I think that there is a bundle of small holes, which is presented in rectangular shape, surrounded the name of business.

8. Ice Drink

Ice Drink

The rounded edges covered the bottom part of Ice Drink’s business card. It suits those parlors that cater drinks, not for beauty services. With the text and simple professional colors, it is interesting and perfectly fitted to the services, which they offer.

9. Lindsey Casabella

Lindsey Casabella

Lindsey Casabell is a hair salon and has purely stylish business card related to the profession.

10. Box Office Business Card

Box Office Business Card

Box Office Business card is very much related with the entertainment industry. This is why, its business card has ticket manner look.

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