5 Free Online Photoshop Editors for Photo Editing

Basheer Ahmad December 19, 2014

With the help of your internet connection and web-browser, you will now be able to design your images and photos without having adobe photoshop (or any other editor) installed on your computer. This doesn’t matter what type of editing you desired to be done in your images. It is whether you wanna add some natural… Continue Reading »


5 Free Online Tools That Makes Java Compiling Easier

Basheer December 11, 2014

Java is one of the major programming languages that programmers have solid handle over. Java language is widely used in most of the applications & games. Especially, web-based apps and small mobile games cannot be done without incorporating a piece of java code. Isn’t it right? There are lots of things to discuss about it,… Continue Reading »


What Makes Android App Development A Much Sought After Choice For Developers

Lucie Kruger November 11, 2014

It has been observed that people who have certain app designs in their mind and are fluent with the programming environments often get stuck while choosing a platform between Android and iOS. And most probably, this might be the reason, why you are reading this post. Indubitably, Apple has revolutionized the mobile realm by introducing… Continue Reading »


Role of Videos in Enhancing Website Conversion Rate

Rick Brown October 18, 2014

Being acknowledged as one of the popular online content, video is definitely something that can add a unique tint of charm to your website. No matter what business you deal with, incorporating high definition, faster loading videos can easily improve the visitors count for your website. Someone has said very rightly “Pictures speak louder than… Continue Reading »


8 Remarkably Useful Tips for Deployment With Zend Server

Maria Mincey October 15, 2014

Ever since web development has came into existence, there’s been an urge for effective tools that can ease the workflow of developers and enable them to create flawless websites and web applications. One such incredible tool that has helped developers in running, deploying and debugging web applications is the Zend server. In this blog, I’ll… Continue Reading »


PHP for High-Powered, Fully-Functional Applications

Juana Steves October 13, 2014

A front runner in the ambit of software development platforms, PHP goes above and beyond the usual herd and approach to create software apps. On this date, PHP is so sought-after because it gives an altogether fresh edge to how we view the exercise of software development and how far it goes to create solutions… Continue Reading »

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